- Nanak Dev Singh - Ashram of Tri Guna Yoga, Berlin

Ashram of Tri Guna Yoga

Concepts and community.
To inspire and nourish the growth of a diverse, integrated spiritual community based on the principals of the Vedic tradition.

Rules and Roles.
Diversity is our Strength! The Ashram is like a many spoked wheel representing the many aspects of the Vedic tradition. At the center of the wheel is the concept of Triguna which is the harmonizing of body, mind and soul. The process of harmonizing comes about through Sadhana.

Each person’s approach to Sadhana should be based on their individual dharma. It is not mandatory to do every Sadhana but it is mandatory to do Sadhana. The Ashram will provide a regular, sophisticated, high level sadhana to fit the needs of a Triguna sadhana. Permanent residents of the
Ashram will be the senior teachers of the Ashram’s sadhana. They will be the living examples of the power of Triguna Yoga.

Guidence and Gifts.
The spirit of the Vedic Tradition from the Rig Ved through to the Sikh Ad Granth will be the inspiration and Guidence of the Ashram. The Ashram's Ustad will be responsible of creation and maintance of the Ashram Sadhana.

The board of directors will support the Ustads efforts of maintaining the Ashrams Sadhana.

The Women´s council responsiblity is the nourishment of the Ashrams soul.

The Ashram represents the source point of an integrated field of extremly high and pure energy. This field is generated and balanced through the Ashrams sadhna of Triguna yoga. The matrix of this
field should be of such clearity that anyone who comes in contact with it will be blessed.

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