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Shiva - Shakti

Shivji as Shakti yogi

This is a remarkable image because many of the metaphors used are rarely seen with Shiva. First he is standing in Vinodhara asana which is the pose of the flute player. Second he is wearing a crown, normally Shiva appears with long hair. But it gets even better! He is holding Dhanusa his fabled bow. It was said to be so large it was carried on a wheeled cart pulled by dozens of warriors. This symbolizes a warrior/ king. In his right hand he is holding Parashu the axe which symbolizes a sharp discriminating intellect able separate darkness from light. He is holding deer that is looking up to him. This is the metaphor used to show that Shiva is so perfectly in tune with nature that it looks up to him. His left foot is smashing the dwarf Apasmara which symbolizes the destruction of ignorance.

This is Shiva as a Shakti yogi fully empowered to create or destroy.


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